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______i CUT my finger on the APPLICATION FORM for SANITY [entries|friends|calendar]

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Crappy new year, 2009 [02 Jan 2009|12:06pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

This year has started off completely rubbish. I watched fireworks on tv, felt lonely and nostalgic, felt ill, felt better, nearly died driving in fog, fought with techonology that doesn't work, been in an argument, been really moody and mostly been absolutely freezing and now, I have work again today and have missed the beginning of Hello Dolly on tv. R U B B I S H.

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Agh! Boxing day flu! [26 Dec 2008|12:52pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Boxing day 2008 with flu. At least I can thank god I didn't feel like this yesterday because that would be worse, obviously! I am not looking forward to tomorrow or Sunday, for both days I have to be at work and if this is the beginning of death flu (number two, I add, for I already have suffered greatly at the beginning of last month) I dread to think what it will be like in a few days time. I have already started taking multivitamins and vitamin C.... so maybe it will ward of the super cold? We can only hope!
Anyway, Merry Christmas again and hope everyone else is alright xx

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[24 Dec 2008|12:41pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Merry Christmas for tomorrow everyone! I have officially begun the festivities by forcing myself round Tesco AND Sainsburys in the hunt for a bloody turkey (yes Mum, who does leave it that late for a bloomin' turkey?) Two supermarkets under our belt and we found not only a BRUSSELL SPROUT TREE!!! (So far my favourite Christmas related purchase) but the biggest turkey you've ever seen! It was forty pounds. Yep, forty. I could not beeeeelieve it. That's nearly half of a hundred. ON A TURKEY for four people that is meant for 15. Hahaha. Brillant.
You all have an excellent day tomorrow especially if all your going to do is drink and be a couch (smashed) potato.;) xoxox

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[20 Dec 2008|08:23pm]
[ mood | good ]

Uni is over. Results loom now which I am going to hastily ignore. The Panto is almost (not) halfway through!
Christmas, that elusive day of the year, is round the corner and I cannot wait to stuff my face as usual. Only one more day off work til Xmas break, but of course I work in between which is a bit of a bummer. Nevermind!
I'm going to watch Mamma Mia to see what the fuss is all about. Hm!

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uni work looming..! [14 Dec 2008|03:34pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Okay so I am a bit thick and what i have written is absolutely awful, but thats ok cos i am considering one of my essays DONE. now only one to go and im going to spend tomorrow stuck in the library studying my hardest to do it. i cannot wait to have christmas and get drunk and be happy again. a student life isnt as fun as what you think! yes ok it is at the beginning of semester then it goes all difficult and stressful.
this year is coming to a close and it feels like it has flown by so quickly...ridiculously quickly! i wonder how fast next year will go and then the rest of my life? weird and due to my essays i have become very philosophical. ha
right im off to plan out essay number two for tomorrows mammoth writing. joy!
after thursday much christmas happiness is going to commence aka pressie wrapping and more house decorations!!!

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sdfljsdgjksgodsifjnfwiw USELESS [10 Dec 2008|09:24pm]
I hate things at the moment, mainly I hate myself. End of moan...
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[30 Nov 2008|09:49am]
I can't believe it I actually wrote 1000 words of my essay! I am not for one minute saying it's a masterpiece because it's really not however it's probably the earliest I've ever done an essay...I'm going to try and write more of it today! woo!
In other news I'm tireddddd. I can't wait for Xmas hols. This uni stuff really stresses you out especially when you're behind.
I haven't been to the cinema for weeks and weeks :( Missing all the good stuff!
I am aiming to get into the Xmas mood in the week just before.... I know it's leaving it a bit late but meh! I'm sure I'll cope :P It won't be hard as Ill be seeing in about thirty panto productions a day!
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[23 Nov 2008|08:47am]
[ mood | cold ]

I was rudely woken up early but I'm semi-happy about it now as I get to see the mix of hale and snow raining down upon Cambridge. Pretty!
In other news after my horrendous flu/cold experience I am back on track but not with my work. I lost two weeks which means I'm really behind. Very tedious times ahead trying to catch up and there's always something I have to do that seems more important and I don't know where to start. Ah, the joys of the final year of Uni.
Okay so my excitement in the snow has worn off now, mainly because it's died down and turned back into hale. BORING. I should move up north so I can experience snow every winter. It's like 0 degrees so I'm still freezing yet don't have the perks of snow. :[
Today I'm seeing my family which shall be good and this morning I'll be trying to read up for my presentation next week. I really need to get a grip on these assignments before I lose my mind!!
I also wish people didn't tell me they've already done their essays it makes me want to vomit on them! Christmas music in shops already? Please dear god no! I don't mindthe 3 for 2's and the annual lights but that is IT. Its not december yet! I'm sounding like a bitter monkey.

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zzzzooooombieeeessssssss [29 Oct 2008|11:57am]
[ mood | devious ]

I am listening to Cold War Kids new album. I'm feeling good! Which is surprising as I am falling behind with my work.. drastically.. nevermind! I extremely happy after last night, met the girlies (well most of them :P) and had Pimms and talked about some Victorian sex bike? I need to research this. Also forgot lots about Naomi aka who her ex boyfriend was and that we saw each other last Monday. In the process of getting Karen to come to Friday's Flirt.
I have yet to find my outfit for it. I got a veil very cheaply.. I may change my mind and go as a hen party member, bride to be type thing turned zombie. My manager got me a pumpkin carving kit so now I can carve all sorts! I am tempted to do that today instead of my work... why why why would I do that? BECAUSE IT'S FUN. Haha. The rest really isn't that fun. Jordan has his interview today and I'm not entirely sure he is prepared. He doesn't even want to go. Thats going to come across well. :S

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Dundundundunnn! [23 Oct 2008|10:22am]
[ mood | drained ]

YES I am very excited about Halloween! I am mentioning it again, just because I can. I have got my make up, all I need now is the day.
I'm seeing Jason Manford tonight at the Junction. He's that one from 8 out of 10 cats. Other news? My cat may be being operated upon today but he's old so I hope it goes well. Uni wor is piling up and up and up and if I think about it too much or what I will have to complete Dec, I may implode. Jordan keeps getting up stupidly early for work and thus waking me up. Roughhhh! I wish I had more thoughts in my head but maybe I have squashed them into a ball to ignore them... I have no rage with anything.. yet.

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At work [12 Oct 2008|07:04pm]
At work on a Sunday without pay, and sickness. The shame.
I have caught jordan's death throat sickness. I can't wait to go home and possibly eat soup or try to, while consuming vitamin-enriched orange juice.
Hayley just told me it's national chocolate week next week, which is awesome. More excuse to eat thousands of packets of Malteasers/M and S belgian ghosts made for Halloween. Mmmm. Halloween sweeties. I love Halloween. I can't wait for the episodes of Simpsons.
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The Humans are dead. [09 Oct 2008|09:09am]
[ mood | giggly ]

Hahaha, flight of the conchords is great. It does remind me too much of Eagle vs Shark which I watched first.
I can't believe that I am sooo poor. Ugh. I hate it! I can't wait until I can work more near Christmas and earn more dolla. On another note, I'm seeing Dylan Moran tonight. :) Poor Jordanino is sick and coughing everywhere so hopefully he'll survive today. But I am making him a nice drug drink every morning. I suspect I will catch it, and become sick too because thats what happens when there's two of you :(

"Maybe we could have a break."
"A break? There's no relationship."
"YET. We could start with a break? I'm usually more charasmatic than this."

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Autumn begins [06 Oct 2008|06:43pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Ok, first of all. Why is it fair that americans get to look at the bloody Saw 5 website unrestricted, but us UKians cannot because we don't bloody have a ZIP code.. I wanna see the posters. :(
In other news there is no news because I am slave to Anglia Ruskin and the Arts Theatre... Brett has now left, sad :( Uni is still the same with slightly added pressure due to the fact it's the last year but for some reason I am feeling pretty happy about it all especially more so than last year but there's no way I could tell you why. Maybe because the end is in sight?
Henry my cat is sick along with everyone else in the world that I know - it's cold (and spider) season. I've only been attacked by the latter, so far, touch wood.
On Thursday I'm seeing Dylan Moran which will hopefully be better than last year when I was too far away to see what was going on. I totally forgot until about an hour ago when I was reminded by Naomi.
I think I need to tidy so I can't make this a long post. However there's a girl that I know and she's knows that I know she knows it's her, and she's feeling lame. I hope she feels happier soon, especially regarding a certain uni and a certain male but I have a feeling I can't say much to help the situation.
G'bye. x
Ps. Oooooh Halloween soon.
Pps. It's cold. But I love Autumn and it's brown colours!

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I'm not joking. [14 Sep 2008|04:29pm]
Why have I not completed my work for uni? WHY? I am falling behind and I am not even there yet? Sounds about right.
On another note it was my birthday and now I'm older but I have a tv, speakers and since yesterday a new Tomtom for my car! I can listen to annoying american voices telling me to turn left and follow them and get lost! woooo! Had a lovely meal last night with family in The Varsity (personal fav restaurant in cambridge) and we had such a weird waitress but she was lovely. She shook up my champagne and sprayed it at me, all the while telling me that she "wasn't joking. seriously i am not joking!" ... it was hilarious. I love that I can make everyone get together more than once a year in order to celebrate birthdays - very important I think!
And I have a day off tomorrow it is a true miracle! but not the fact I have to go to the damned dentist at 2. :[ I may well go to the cinema as there are about a hundred films I want to see, most of them piles of poop but entertainment. :D I need a companion - Who's with me?
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OLD. [12 Sep 2008|11:13pm]
It was my birthday yesterday and so now I am 21. :] I had nice drinks out and it was a right laugh and I got two bunches of pretty flowers. You know you are old when you get flowers for a gift and love them! I am glad CERN did not kill us before I hit 21, or I would not be impressed. x
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PLEASE CUT OFF MY FOOT/LEG [14 Aug 2008|06:04pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Yes I like the Kate Perry song. So there. And I'm back! Obviouslyyyy.
I have only just discovered Hayley has joined us livejournal folks, I am so happy! I totally forgot I showed her how to do it and she looks like she's lovin it :D
In other news I am fed up of my ankle. Let me explain.
Barcelona was good to an extent then....... I got injured by falling over roadworks and then down a jazz club step. Trust me I get all the ailments. Why are there so many steps over there? No wonder all the girls are skinny, they keep having to walk uphill on steps. Gaudi's work on both the buildings and Parc Guell is amazing, if you end up visiting Spain try and get over to Barcelona to check it out. Any art lovers will think it's great.
Sadly my foot is still limpy and the ankle refuses to heal...it's taken two weeks for my limp to appear less crazy. I am hoping it'll be all better next month because I'm oldddd. Party? I told Marzia to arrange something and let me know so I can tell people because I honestly can't afford anything, even on my birthday. Depressing!
I might go watch Eggheads in ten, mum has got me watching it even though it's pointless cos the people always lose. bah!

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Travels.... [28 Jul 2008|10:06pm]
I'm going to Barcelona in approx 14 hours. BYE! Hold your breath til I return...with a tan.... and Gaudi pics! xx
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They just make you wooorse.... [12 Jul 2008|02:59pm]
What's worse than winter flu?

Summer flu, especially when it's so crap that paracetamol doesn't work. Oh dear god! Please knock me out for three whole days.
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Tears dry on their own. And so does mud it seems. [29 Jun 2008|10:21am]
[ mood | blah ]

Can't believe how sunny glastonbury is this year. DEPRESSING. All those people like myself who decided not to go, are not believing itttttt and are jealous!!
Not about Amy Winehouse however as we watch her DIE. Jeez. She needs to be put in a hospital for at least a year.
Last night went out briefly with Karena et co for her birthday but left because I was literally knackered after work. But in that time I still managed to consume two tequila shots...dear god! lethal.
I am still poor, unfortunately. Next week I should be getting paid a bit of money from work but still not enough to buy a holiday but I'm willing to become incredibly poor in order to go away - honestly, I paid for my passport and it's stupid if I don't use it... that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :D
I'm trying to do some over time but theres not much going at the moment so next month is going to be incredibly lame.
Ps. I can't believe I am 21 in like two months. Creeping into my twenties is creeping further away from being young. Oh dear.

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Cold war kids have no tickets... [27 Jun 2008|10:09am]
Cold War Kids, London, August, sold out. Really depressing. On another note, Feeder at the Corn Exchange? Probably full of hyped up 13 year olds but maybe worth it? Hmm......
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